jolecule — the protein viewer in the cloud
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Sick of complicated protein viewers?

Then welcome to Jolecule, the web-based protein viewer - no plugins needed.

It has a beautiful interface that focuses on looking at atoms in proteins.

Jolecule works in HTML5 browsers such as Chrome and Safari, mostly in Firefox, and even on the iPad.

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Annotated Views
Jolecule is centered around annotated views of your protein.

No more emailing clunky PDB attachments, just send a URL.

Grab structures from the PDB
To view a protein in the Protein Data Bank, just set the URL to "" + PDB_ID.

Upload your own structures
First, login (top right) with your google account, as the site is built on Google App Engine. Then, access your account page (next to login) to upload.

Easy to find residues
The interface has been designed so that everything is clickable, even on a laptop.
Tell stories of your protein
Just by pressing spacebar, Jolecule will generate an animated slideshow of your protein:
  • how myoglobin traps oxygen[1MBO]
  • how trypsin cleaves a peptide bond [2PTN]
  • how dihydrofolate reductase reduces dihydrofolic acid [1RX2]
  • how the glucocorticoid receptor binds DNA [3FYL]
  • ...and more in the Garden of Protein Annotations
Designed and written by Bosco Ho.