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A Page for each Structure

  • [1mbo]   Myoglobin - the oxygen grabber
  • [8tim]   Triosephosphate Isomerase - enzyme scaffold
  • [148l]   Lysozyme - the bacterial wall digester
  • [1fvi]   DNA ligase - the DNA breaker
  • [1rx2]   Dihydrofolate Reductase - a small enzyme
  • [1ce1]   Antibody - the foreign particle detector
  • [9rub]   Rubisco - the abundant carbon fixer

Tell stories about them

  • [1pth]   Cyclooxygenase - the site of pain-killing
  • [2ptn]   Trypsin - a protein digestion enzyme
  • [1bpi]   BPTI - the cork that stops trypsin
  • [2ptc]   BPTI inhibiting Trypsin - inactivating enzymes
  • [3fyl]   Gluccortocoid Receptor - stress response in nucleus
  • [2rn2]   Ribonuclease - RNA digestion (thanks K. Stafford)
  • [1e7g]   Human Serum Albumin (thanks S. Curry)

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